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What do we say to the god of death?

Take that bitch over there

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well not white since elia martell is his mother :)

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ASOIAF/Game of Thrones Reference Guide


The world of A Song of Ice and Fire is incredibly complex with hundreds of characters, towns, houses, and sigils. Sometimes it can be hard to keep track of it all. Here are a few resources I reference when my memory lapses. These are especially helpful if you’re new to the series.





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Show!Varys is slightly less secretive than book!Varys (quite a few longing glances towards the throne) and I think this is mostly a product of the adaptation’s choice to move past the POV format and focus on other characters as well. 

In both versions Lord Varys is a very loud presence. In the books it is said that he smells of lilacs and dresses extravagantly and even on the show his appearance is very characteristic (and Conleth Hill’s face is just a treasure, if not exactly subtle), which is interesting considering he is the master of spies and can look any way he wishes. This is how he chooses to appear at court. There is the underlying sense that he has many faces and takes the whole ‘players on a stage’ slightly more literally than most.

Out of all the Varys theories I believe that the Blackfyre theory (spoilers in the link) is the most plausible and probable, but at this point I’m not even 100% convinced he’s a eunuch (tbh I’m not 100% sure about anything anymore except that Ned is dead sorry). 

What is unique about Varys is that he is not a noble (at least he hasn’t been revealed as one), but he holds immense power. It’s not because of his wealth, his bloodline or his beliefs. People call him Lord Varys out of fear. In his own riddle the struggle for power is between a king(Duty), a septon(Morality) and a rich man(Self). Conveniently missing is the figure in the shadows, with his flock of little birds, that knows everyone’s secrets. Truth. The man that holds power over truth is a man to be feared. 

We rarely seem him act upon this, since his entire performance is a balancing act, but that is about to change.

I believe he is one of the most dangerous players (especially in light of most recent book events) and one that contrary to his own words (and no surprises there), isn’t afraid to get his hands a little dirty. A little bloody. And I think we shall see more of this in the future.

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here’s the thing about kind and gentle cersei lannister who misses her sweet daughter myrcella and loves her good son tommen and thinks about joffrey as a monster and a nightmare

that’s not fucking cersei lannister

cersei lannister loves her children, yes, but she loves them as extensions of herself and her own power. she thinks tommen is weak and not as fit to be a king as joffrey. she mourns the loss of myrcella not because she’s worried about what they do to little girls in dorne but because tyrion took her away from cersei without cersei’s consent, because tyrion made the decision about myrcella without consulting cersei, because myrcella’s leaving is symbolic of cersei’s loss of power

and she loves joffrey most. joffrey’s terrible in the books, yes, but cersei is blind to it. she thinks of that time that joffrey cut open a cat to see the kittens it was pregnant with as ‘some business with a cat’ that robert overreacted to. she thinks sansa marrying joffrey is the same punishment she was subjected to when she was forced to marry robert, and that if sansa was strong like she was she’d learn to accept her fate

cersei isn’t soft. she isn’t weak. she doesn’t simper. she doesn’t cry. she doesn’t play nice. she’s not particularly motherly. and she doesn’t give a shit how good a king tommen will be, because tommen ruling was never the point. she doesn’t want tommen to rule. she wants to rule. she wants to be king.

she dreamt she sat the iron throne, high above them all.

that is what cersei wants.

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Bold what applies to you

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A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones version:

Books versus Show:

  • I’ve read the books first
  • I’ve watched the show first
  • I don’t watch the show
  • I don’t read the books
  • I think the books are better
  • I think the show is better
  • There is a character I like in the books/show but don’t like in the books/show
  • I think the show changed something for good
  • I imagine a book character like the actor now, even if it doesn’t fit the book description
  • I like the book version of the Red Wedding better
  • I like the show version of the Battle of the Blackwater better
  • I prefer the Boltons in pink
  • I prefer the Greyjoys with dark hair
  • I liked Talisa
  • I prefer the age the of the Stark children in the show
  • I miss the purple eyes of the Targaryens
  • I like D&D better than GRRM
  • I prefer Doreah’s way of dying in the show
  • I think there’s an actor/actress who understands their character better than the author
  • I think the books are more realistic
  • I feel more emotional about the books

The houses:

  • I think the Starks are the good ones
  • I think the Lannisters are evil
  • I would love to look like a Targaryen
  • I think the Tyrells are clever
  • I like more than one Greyjoy
  • I think the Tullys are ginger
  • I think the Martells are people of colour
  • I would like to be a Baratheon
  • I would like to visit the Eyrie
  • I think all Boltons should die
  • I would love to learn more about the Reeds
  • I think the Freys are the worst

The characters:

  • I think Stannis is the heir to the Iron Throne
  • I think Daenerys is the heir to the Iron Throne
  • Eddard was the most honourable man of all 
  • I think R+L=J is true
  • Tyrion is the funniest character
  • I feel sorry for Theon
  • I think Sansa is dumb
  • I think Arya should complete her training
  • I think Jaime is the valonqar regarding the prophecy
  • I hope the Boltons win
  • I hate Catelyn for how she treated Jon
  • I think Melisandre is evil
  • I think Sam will be a maester
  • I think Davos will succeed in his latest mission
  • I hope Margaery dies
  • I think Robb was a cold king
  • I think Brienne will kill Jaime 
  • I like the Free Folk
  • I think Bran will be evil
  • I hope Euron is the ruler of the Iron Islands in the end
  • I think Jon Connington will die by his sickness
  • I think Walder Frey outlives the series


  • I cried more than once while reading the books
  • I cried more than once while watching the show
  • The Red Wedding destroyed me
  • I liked Dany’s last scene in S03E10
  • I screamed while reading the books/watching the show
  • I hate a character so much I want him/her to die a horrible death
  • I kinda feel like I’m in love with a character
  • I like most of the sex scenes
  • I laughed while reading/watching
  • I refuse to accept a/some scene(s) 
  • I miss a character
  • I had goosebumps while reading/watching
  • I had a nightmare about something from the books/show
  • I wish I could be a certain character
  • I call a character “my baby” because I love him/her so much
  • I’m jealous of a character
  • I wish that certain characters would make out
  • A scene/character frightened me so much, that I don’t want to think about it/him/her
  • I admire a character
  • I closed my eyes while watching a certain scene(s)
  • Some descriptions of food made me hungry
  • A (or more) chapter(s) bored be so much I skipped them
  • I chewed my nails out of stress while reading/watching
  • I think the Wall is beautiful
  • A death scene made me smile
  • I think an actor/actress deserves an oscar for their performance in GoT
  • I was so disgusted I nearly stopped reading/watching
  • I have one favourite book
  • I have one favourite season
  • I have one favourite scene
  • I have one favourite character

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On the Importance of “Alayne Stone,” the Bastard


Based on these gifs.

Game of Thrones has just erased another very important facet of Sansa Stark’s storyline, that is, her hiding in the Vale as Alayne Stone, Petyr’s bastard daughter. Sansa being forced to give up her noble position has a lot of significance in the books, such as: 

  • Parallel with Jon Snow: once Sansa assumes her place as Alayne, a visible shift in Sansa’s language occurs. She not only begins to refer to Jon as her “half-brother” instead of “bastard brother,” she also begins to sympathize with his status as illegitimate and the harsh reality that comes with it.
  • Parallel with Arya Stark: the sisters, two sides of the same coin, both lose inherent parts of their identity that undoubtedly help shape them in the future. When Arya’s chapters start being named differently, so do Sansa’s. Both of them assume new names and new positions in society, which is so important that they both lose bits of what they wanted most. Arya is forced to give up things like her sword and face that symbolize her connection to family (father and half-brother), and Sansa is forced to give up both status, name, and physical appearance that is her connection to family (her mother, true born brothers).
  • Loss of nobility: her experience as Alayne is supposed to be humbling. She’s no longer the daughter of Ned Stark the Lord, nor the sister of Robb Stark the King. She’s a bastard, yes still of a noble, but only a “minor” noble (until Littlefinger inherits the Vale via Robyn anyway). She dresses more modestly, less like she usually enjoys. No one pays her any mind and she mixes in with the common folk, leading to the next point.
  • Fostering friendship with Mya Stone: since Mya is absent as of yet, we can probably guess that she’s not going to be very relevant in Sansa’s story, which is an incredible shame, because Mya was not only the first lowborn friend Sansa had, but also one of the few people who was genuine and honest with her, and helped her understand the world of commoners.
  • Marring her beauty: thus far, Sansa is noticed explicitly for her beautiful Tully looks, more specifically her red hair. When she becomes Alayne and dyes her hair brown, it makes her slightly less beautiful, and therefore less welcome to the privileges that come with being a conventionally attractive woman, plus a little bit of the relief of being less sexually noticed (though that certainly doesn’t stop several characters from threatening to rape her anyway). 
  • Isolation: In King’s Landing, she was widely known as Sansa Stark (for better or worse), but in the Vale, the main person who knows her identity is Petyr and that’s not only something that kind of scares Sansa, but it actually literally forms a split in her mind. When GRRM stops titling Sansa’s chapters with her name and starts titling them “Alayne,” it symbolizes the change happening in Sansa’s life, the distancing of herself from the girl she once was to the woman she is being forced to become. For example, one of the things Sansa does in her Alayne chapter is change her age. She literally says Alayne is someone who would be older than Sansa as she’s gone through more. 
  • The larger arc of identity: which is a pretty big one that is played upon constantly and repeatedly. Arya becomes Arry becomes Beth becomes the blind beggar, etc etc. Catelyn Tully becomes Lady Stoneheart. Bran loses himself to become a tree (?). Rickon loses his status to be basically raised by wildlings and cannibals (and his feral wolf). Jon Snow becomes Lord Commander. Without becoming the bastard, how can Sansa properly achieve that ultimate arc?

The show probably chose to change her bastard status (or at least change it to a less important part of her identity than niece, which is how she’s introduced first) because they didn’t want to confuse viewers. But I personally think it’s another fumble amongst the many they’ve already made to Sansa. Alayne Stone is important, it’s important for her to be a bastard daughter of a minor lord, it’s important for her to be treated like a commoner and have friends from a bastard tier like her, it’s important for her to make that differentiation in identity. Taking that away is seriously doing harm to her plotline. 

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